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Feel free to enquire about any combination of silverwork and hides that might appeal to you.

To make selection amongst our unique sporrans easier (or perhaps more difficult if you don't like too many options), we're able to offer you almost any match of silverwork and hides, depending on availability.

NOTE: No two sporran facings are ever exactly the same. We will always endeavour to match as closely as possible the hide you have chosen.

If you don't see something in our range that exactly matches your requirements, feel free to tell us what you'd like. We could probably hand craft this from the various elements we use. At no extra cost.

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You'd like the CELTIC CROSS cantle mounted on crocodile hide and with leather thongs and tassels?   ....No problem.

Perhaps you'd prefer a 'FOUR SHIELD' combination cantle mounted on black ostrich skin hide, with black Nguni tassels?   .....It's a pleasure.



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Here is a selection of hides - we will try to match as closely as possible the hide you have chosen.

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Black, grey, white, rust or brown

Tassels: black, grey, white, rust or brown